Chili Piper Integration: Convert marketplace visitors instantly to booked meetings

January 24, 2023
Chili Piper Integration: Convert marketplace visitors instantly to booked meetings

Anyone ever seen the clause “[partner] logo showcased on [other partner’s] website” in a partnership agreement?

This is one of those checkbox items that seems to be part of every partnership. It’s low-hanging fruit and it can’t hurt.

But does anyone actually track the outcome of showcasing logos on your site?

Some website visitors might find the logos, and sure, some might even open a new tab in Chrome and search for a company they’re interested in to get more information, landing on the partner’s website.

But even when the visitor successfully lands on the partner’s website, they’re left with more questions than answers, and have no obvious path to get the information they need.

  • What does this integration do?
  • How does this partner collaborate with my vendors to streamline implementation?
  • Which processes does this MSP take off my plate, exactly?

Partner Fleet is the one-stop shop for marketplace visitors to get all the information they need about a partner through a beautiful interface, and engage with you and/or your partners without ever having to leave their listing page.

Like any good landing page, your partner listings are meant to compel and convert visitors, and they should interoperate with your existing tech stack and lead acquisition processes.

With that idea in mind, Partner Fleet built configurable Call-to-Action buttons tied to lead forms that integrate with various CRMs, so that when a lead form is submitted, a lead, contact, and/or account record can be created in your CRM.

The second phase was to allow visitors to engage with your partners directly by enabling leads to flow into your partners’ CRMs or marketing automation systems. To make this happen, we created a secondary CTA button to contact the partner, and webhook compatibility so that leads submitted from that CTA automatically populate into your partners’ systems.

These two feature launches were great wins for Partner Fleet customers, their partners, and marketplace visitors, but the process still didn’t match the marketplace visitor’s urgency to connect directly with a vendor they’re interested in while it’s top of mind. The lead goes into a queue and the visitor has to wait for the vendor to contact them. By that point, the visitor may be on to the next thing or in a meeting they can’t step away from.

We wanted to further streamline the experience by giving visitors the opportunity to engage with vendors they’re interested in immediately.

Enter our new Chili Piper integration

Our new Chili Piper integration solves this immediate gratification need by allowing marketplace visitors to book meetings with you and/or your partners without ever leaving a partner’s listing page.

When this integration is turned on, the Chili Piper scheduler will pop up directly after a visitor submits a Partner Fleet lead form, and the details entered in the lead form will automatically populate Chili Piper’s fields as a visitor goes through the flow to book a meeting.

Partner Fleet customers can add their Chili Piper router and domain name to their Listing Templates to create a “book a meeting with us” flow.

Partners listed in a marketplace powered by Partner Fleet can add their Chili Piper account in the Lead Form section of the Partner Portal as they’re creating or managing their listing to enable a “book a meeting with partner” flow.

We’re excited to help partnership teams drive measurable ROI for their programs by providing new lead generation and booked meeting opportunities, complete with strong attribution mechanisms using the Chili Piper integration.

For more details about the Chili Piper integration for Partner Fleet, check out the listing in the Partner Fleet Ecosystem.

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