10X integration installs

Integrations Marketplace for Product Teams

Drive integration adoption, increase value for customers, and keep developer time focused on leveling up your core product.

Why businesses prioritize integration adoption


Of customers want integrations
74% report that a system's ability to integrate is a very/extremely important consideration.


Reduced churn for integration users
Integration users are 58% less likely to churn on average over customers without integrations installed.


Higher willingness to pay
Businesses who use 5+ integrations are willing to pay 20% more for the same core product.

Increase customer happiness & stickiness

10X Your Integration Installs

Integration users are 58% less likely to churn on average. With a prominent in-app marketplace, value-driven listings and an easy call to action, you can make it easy for your customers to install and use your integrations. They'll be happier & stick around longer.

focus developers on core product

Would you build your CRM in house?

We get it — 5 years ago you would have had to build your marketplace in house. Now there's Partner Fleet. You can have an integrations marketplace on your website and embedded in your app in just weeks. Plus, product & partnerships teams can make regular updates without putting to-dos on the next sprint.

Improve the customer experience

Meet your customers where they live

Don't frustrate your customers or distract your support team chasing down integration information. A marketplace live on your site and embedded in-app meets every customer and prospect where they live.

Get everything you need to promote integration & partner adoption without ongoing developer resources






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