Partner Marketplace

The #1 way to power your ecosystem business model

A public marketplace promotes your partnerships to capture new business, create stickier customers, and increase win rates.

A marketplace for all your partner programs

Integrations marketplace

Want an app marketplace like Salesloft's?

Partner Fleet will get you set up and you can start promoting your integrations in weeks.

Show the value of your tech partners with native or G2 reviews, data flow diagrams, install details, interactive product demos, and more!

Service Partner Directory

Service partners can be the backbone of your ecosystem — as they've built their business around selling your product and adding value.

Your marketplace kills two birds with one stone: sending leads to your partners and finding solutions for your customers.

Make it easy for everyone with custom taxonomies, useful categories, filtering, and search functionality.

Perks marketplaces

Do you have a list of perks, resources, and/or discount codes to offer your customers. Get our slimmed-down perks marketplace to make them easy to search and find.

In-app marketplace

Using the same content as the marketplace on your public site, easily add an in-app marketplace to your platform. It installs with two lines of code, includes search and taxonomy, and can be directed to your integrations install flow.


A turnkey marketplace that's ready to go in weeks, not months.

CSS & HTML branding

Branded to look like your site, top to bottom. Includes your site header, footer, brand style, and custom adjustments according to your needs.

Custom taxonomies

Create categories and filters to help your customers, prospects, and sales team find the integration or service partner they need. Fully customizable to your product's use case.

Marketplace search

Search all content for everything from "reviews" to "HubSpot" to "email marketing."

Highlights & promotion

Custom tags highlight partners as "new," "featured," "popular," or industry specific highlights. Feature partners at the top of your marketplace.

Showcase your partners on your site and in-app

Partner Marketplace

So much more than a directory. Show off your integrations, service partners, perks, and more with a beautiful public-facing marketplace.

Value-add pages that answer your buyer's question

Partner Listings

Your partner listings are the power behind your marketplace. And we're passionate about helping you create a useful, action-oriented resource for your prospects and customers.

Rich content

30+ content sections to create valuable marketplace listings. Give prospects the information they seek and a next action to take.


CTA buttons for you and your partner can lead to pop-up forms, dedicated pages, and scheduling tools. Send leads to your CRM.

Screenshots & video

Visuals capture attention, add value, and create trust. Include screenshots and/or videos on all partner listings.

Native & G2 reviews

Collect and showcase partner reviews directly on your marketplace. Or integrate with G2 for product reviews.

Data flow diagrams

A simple, moving representation of how data flows between your platform and your integration partner.

Related resources

Related apps, relevant blog posts, help documentation links, and more.

See marketplace pricing & features

Get a breakdown of all Partner Fleet plans, available functionality, and assess which features might be right for your partner program.

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Let partners help you build

Partner and Developer Portal

Where your partners can log in, submit content, and get access to developer tools.

Partner-created listings

Let your partners help you create listings and submit for approval.

Developer portal

Give your partners access to API docs, marketing assets and other resources.

Listing analytics

Allow partners to see how their listings are working and make adjustments.

Never ask your web team for updates again

Marketplace Management

No-code configuration gives management access to partnerships, marketing, and product teams.

Create custom templates

Drag and drop dynamic text, social proof, graphics, and other sections into partner listing templates.

Version control and approval

Review and approve listing updates to go live. You also have access to all previous versions.

Partner listing scorecard

Set requirements for listing completion. Incentivize partners with a gamified scorecard.


Integrates with your CRM, PRM, schedulers, analytics, & reviews

Show the power of your partner program when you connect your marketplace to your existing tools. Automatically log marketplace-generated leads, create PRM partner accounts, add value to your listings, and track analytics.

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A cross-functional ecosystem

For partner, marketing, product, and support teams

Partnerships teams

Collect and sync new partners, track marketplace events, and automatically send qualified leads to your and your partners' CRMs.

Marketing teams

SaaS buyers need your integrations & partner services. Convert more leads with a beautiful marketplace that allows prospects to self-educate on your ecosystem and opt in.

Product teams

Enable third-parties to build and promote apps and provide a pathway for customers to discover and engage partner solutions.

Support teams

Your consumer-grade marketplace will provide customers with a top notch experience discovering partner solutions and integrations that solve their exact needs.

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