In-App Marketplace

Power your platform strategy with an in-app marketplace

Take the next step in growing your platform ecosystem. Encourage customers to adopt integrations where they live — in your product. Embed your marketplace with 2 lines of code.

It would take $500K+ & a year to build in house

What could you do with 5746 developer hours?

Get a feature set that would take 3 devs a year to build. Allow your team to focus on your core product.

You wouldn't build your CRM in house...

So why build your marketplace? Create one with our ecosystem marketplace platform.

Don't wait a year for stickier customers

Your in-app marketplace can be live in weeks. Start driving more integration installs within the quarter.

Single source of content

Power public & in-app marketplaces from one backend and one content source. Updates occur instantaneously and populate across marketplaces.

Consumer-grade discovery for B2B SaaS apps

Deliver a beautiful and engaging marketplace experience to your users within your app.

White-labeled, seamless UX

Your users will never know you're leveraging a third-party, it's that seamless.

Simple implementation

We provide you a two-line script to install into a frame within your app.

Dynamic, individualized user experiences

We can recognize your users' permissions & attributes to dynamically tailor the experience for them, while staying fully secure with PII.

PLG integration upsells

Turn your integrations into feature gates that compel users to upgrade their subscriptions. Capture interest with dynamic CTAs & forms.

Ties into your integration install flows

Call-to-action buttons will hook into your integration authentication and configuration user workflows, or use our forms to collect information for your customer success team.

Highlight popular integrations

Custom tags highlight partners as "new," "featured," "popular," or industry specific highlights. Feature integrations at the top of your marketplace.

SHOWCASE integrations & partners IN YOUR product

Embedded marketplace features

Get an in-app marketplace that accommodates your integration install flows, design, and functionality. Plus, it's simple to embed and update.

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Integration users are 58% less likely to churn on average

An in-app marketplace is the best way to drive customers to install more integrations.

Integration discovery

Customers can easily search, sort, and filter marketplace results for the integration or solution they need.

Value-rich listings

Your partner pages will truly sell the value. Include screenshots, videos, resources, and native or G2 reviews.

Prominent calls to action

Customers can click to install integrations or request partner demos via form-fill.

management without developers

No more adding updates to sprints & waiting for weeks

Partnerships, product & marketing teams can fully manage the marketplace. No-code listings, partner management, and approvals.

Create templates for partner pages

No-code drag-and-drop listing template creation for integrations, solutions partners, and more.

Onboard and manage partners automatically

Partner & developer portal with automated onboarding & integration documentation access.

Approve listing creation, updates, & reviews

Allow partners to create and update listings. Your team can review & approve copy.


Integrates with your CRM, PRM, schedulers, analytics, & reviews

Show the power of your partner program when you connect your marketplace to your existing tools. Automatically log marketplace-generated leads, create PRM partner accounts, add value to your listings, and track analytics.

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