Capture leads on your marketplace with forms & schedulers

September 6, 2023
Capture leads on your marketplace with forms & schedulers

Generate leads for you and your partners on your partner marketplace using lead forms.

A key difference between a directory, or list of partners, and a true marketplace is giving visitors the opportunity to take the logical next step once they’ve identified a partner they want to engage with or a technology they’re interested in. 

Let’s say a customer or prospect needs webinar software that integrates with your product. They browse the marketplace or search in Google, choose one or two, and then they’re ready for a trial, demo, or account.

Don’t send this visitor to the webinar software’s website. Or even to a sign up landing page. They already have the information they need on your listing page.

Allow this visitor to book demos straight from your marketplace.

How? With lead forms and schedulers.

With Partner Fleet’s lead forms, you can:

  • Capture leads for your team and/or…
  • Send leads to your partners
  • Create your own forms with custom fields
  • Send leads into Marketo, HubSpot, or other CRM/marketing automation tools
  • Offer to schedule meetings with Chili Piper, Hubspot, or Calendly 
  • Get notifications via Slack & email
  • Send notifications to partners

Make your marketplace the true lead gen engine it can be with lead forms.

Booking a lead form on Partner Fleet's marketplace.

Why offer lead signup on your marketplace versus a link to your partner’s site?

There are many reasons you may not want to simply drop new leads onto your partners’ homepages (or even their landing pages) from your marketplace. You can create a better user experience with a lead form signup.

Here’s why:

Don’t let quality leads get distracted by other options

Prospects are already on your marketplace for a reason: they’re looking for a specific solution. The worst thing you can do is offer a general homepage as a next step. Homepages are filled with options to view blog posts, download lead magnets, and learn big-picture information about the solution. 

Give your prospect just one action to take and you’ll find that far more prospects take that action.

Give leads a clear path to the next action

When a visitor to your website has decided they’re interested in your service or your partner, you should give them a clear call to take the next action – booking time with you or your partner. That way they know the next step they need to take in order to implement the partnership to solve what they need.

Fewer clicks = more conversions, faster

Each time you make a marketplace visitor navigate to a new page, you risk losing them. 

Consider this path: Marketplace -> home page -> demo sign up page -> demo scheduled. You have three places you could lose your prospect’s attention. 

Let’s shorten the path to: Marketplace -> demo sign up page -> demo scheduled. It’s better, but you still give the prospect 2 places to drop off.

With lead forms, your path can be: Marketplace -> demo scheduled. It reduces the steps your prospect needs to take, and gives them the choice to book a demo ASAP.

Option for CTAs on your product or your partner’s product

There are three things visitors to your marketplace are likely looking to do next:

  • Evaluate your product
  • Evaluate your partners’ product
  • Using both products together

With lead forms you can offer a clear path to the first two, and the marketplace page itself teaches visitors how to use the products together.

Note: With an in-app marketplace, you can allow current customers to install partner integrations instead.

What are your lead form options?

Build lead forms in Partner Fleet

You can build lead forms directly in your Partner Fleet account to add to your marketplace listings. 

Each Listing Template can associate to a unique lead form, and the form will populate to all marketplace listings using that template.. For example, you can create a form to include on integration partner listings and a separate one for solutions partner listings.

Template Lead form setup:

1. Under Partner Listings -> Templates, click “Lead Form” next to a template type.

Click on Lead Form under Templates.

2. From here, you can add email addresses to send notification emails to, privacy links, and set what you want to happen after the form submit.

Choose notification email addresses and privacy policy link.

3. By default, all forms will include First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Company. Add any additional custom fields you need.

Required fields and option to add fields.

4. Ensure partner listings all include your form as a primary or secondary CTA when editing their listings.

CTA button circled under Listing Calls to Action.

Connect your Chili Piper, HubSpot, or Calendly scheduler

After a lead fills out your form, you can navigate to your scheduler so they can book a demo time ASAP. (We recommend this, as it reduces booking friction and allows leads to book a time when they’re most interested.)

Watch the GIF above to see this in action.

Scheduler setup:

1. Navigate to your form editor: Partner Listings -> Templates -> Lead Form.

2. Under “After a lead is submitted, what do you want to show up?” click the drop-down and choose HubSpot, Calendly, or Chili Piper. (Have an alternative scheduler? Contact us and we’ll add it!)

Drop down with options for thank you message, button, Calendly, HubSpot, and Chili Piper.

3. Fill out the fields with your booking link or domain / router. Save the form and you’re done!

Send leads to your CRM or marketing automation platform: Marketo, Salesforce CRM, Pardot, & Hubspot

Sync with your systems to send new leads to your sales and marketing teams. 

Sync setup:

1. Navigate to your form editor: Partner Listings -> Templates -> Lead Form.

2. Under “Webhooks” choose Salesforce, HubSpot, or Pardot.

Webhooks options for Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot, Slack, or Other.

3. Add your webhook, save your form, then you’re done! Make sure you’ve created your form’s custom fields to map to objects in your other systems.

Want to add Marketo forms to your marketplace? Each Marketo integration is custom-built. Contact our support team to get set up.

Send leads to Slack

Sometimes the best way to follow up on new leads is with a Slack notification in a sales channel.

Slack setup:

1. Navigate to your form editor: Partner Listings -> Templates -> Lead Form.

2. Under “Webhooks” choose Slack.

Slack webhook selected.

3. Add your webhook, save your form, then you’re done!

Have your Partners create and add lead forms & schedulers

Your partners can create their own forms with all of the same options above:

  • Custom email notifications
  • Privacy policy link
  • Schedule integrations
  • Sync to CRM or marketing automation platform
  • Send leads to Slack
  • Add custom fields to form

Partners can include their form as a CTA right next to yours on the marketplace listing:

Option for a secondary CTA.

Want required CTA default buttons? Just let us know!

Don’t want partners to control the Secondary CTA? You can use Roles & Permissions to disable their access to this field, and instead use the Secondary CTA for other purposes such as “See Recorded Demo.”

How to see your marketplace-driven leads

Depending on how you set up your lead forms, you can get notifications of leads via email, in your scheduling tool, via CRM or marketing automation, and even in Slack.

To see and export a full list of leads sent to you and your partners, navigate to Partner Program -> Leads.

Example lead with option to export to CSV.

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