PartnerStack Integration: Power your Ecosystem End to End

February 2, 2023
 PartnerStack Integration: Power your Ecosystem End to End

It’s an exciting day in ecosystem tech!

The first integration between a Partner Ecosystem Platform and a Ecosystem Marketplace Platform is here.

With the Partner Fleet x PartnerStack integration, you can now run your partner programs end-to-end with a seamless experience that eliminates the manual processes you probably dread.

To see the full details about the integration, head over to the Partner Fleet Ecosystem.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

  • For mutual customers: you can now sync partner accounts between systems, and auto-provision accounts for partners in either system.
  • For PartnerStack customers: leads generated from marketplaces you’re listed on (that are powered by Partner Fleet) can be sent directly into PartnerStack and attributed to your partner’s marketplace.
  • For Partner Fleet customers: you can see the status of leads submitted from your marketplace into your partners’ PartnerStack accounts within Partner Fleet.

This is a major milestone for the partnership tech category, and a big win for so many customers who have been requesting this functionality. Partnerships is evolving from “the least tech-enabled function in SaaS,” to having automation tools that are on par with our friends in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success and are finally starting to integrate like those tech categories as well.

This integration has been a vision for Kenny and me (Partner Fleet’s founders) even prior to the inception of Partner Fleet, and it’s truly part of Partner Fleet’s origin story. It’s the solution that we needed while running partnership programs at our previous company. Our story is, in itself, a case study in why these two platforms are better together than apart.

At our previous company, Kenny was building the tech partner ecosystem while I was building the channel partner program. Like many partner orgs, we managed partner ops with spreadsheets and random tools the company had purchased for other reasons, duct-taped together with “official” Standard Operating Procedures. With a big requirements list in hand, we went to the partner tech vendors to see who could satisfy our needs end-to-end.

For channel partnerships, a clear winner quickly emerged: PartnerStack. It ticked the boxes on the channel side of our requirements sheet, had a modern UX, and a quick implementation timeline that was realistic for a small team, with little technical expertise required for setup. It was clear that PartnerStack was quickly becoming the market leader and gold standard in channel management.

I was chomping at the bit to get started with PartnerStack, but Kenny’s tech partner program was still lacking in options. We extended our search to additional tools to see if we could tick some of Kenny’s boxes…. no such luck. Ultimately, we launched PartnerStack, which was a huge operational upgrade for our channel program, and Kenny got smarter with DIY solutions for tech partnerships.

Since Kenny is an engineer, he took matters into his own hands and built an integrations marketplace for the company, which was a huge success. It gave customers a way to self-educate on integrations, enabled internal team members to better support their customers, and helped prospects understand how the company’s products would connect into their existing business systems.

The obvious next evolution to operationalize the programs was to integrate the new tooling, but Kenny had bigger plans. If we were having this issue, every company with a channel and tech partner program had the same issue. Kenny decided to set out on his own entrepreneurial journey to create technology that would power SaaS companies’ platform ecosystem strategies.

Partner Fleet was born!

After building and maturing the Partner Fleet platform, the next phase is connecting the platform to complementary tools like PartnerStack so that companies can power their partner ecosystems from end-to-end with seamless workflows.

Today is a special day for the Partner Fleet team as we fulfill a multi-year vision, and we hope this integration (and its future enhancements) feels like a win for the collective partnerships community.

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