Partner Fleet Platform

Partner Directory

The core of your marketplace. Showcase your partners and drive them leads. Give your customers a place to learn about and connect with your partners. Give your internal teams a partner reference guide and learning tool.

  • Customizable partner listings with logo and description
  • Partner landing pages with description, screenshots, & calls to action
  • Ability to highlight and feature partners
  • Custom categories and filtering options
  • Custom style & layout
  • SEO optimization
  • [Coming soon] Reviews powered by G2

Partner Portal

Elevate your partner experience by empowering them to launch compelling listings while equipping them with resources and onboarding guides.

  • Listing configuration tool - point & click, drag & drop
  • Form builder
  • Categorization & filtering tool
  • Documentation folder for API docs and other resources
  • Onboarding section for your partners
  • Set roles & permissions for your partners
  • Analytics & insights dashboard
  • Partner forms & applications (including "Request a Partner")

Partner Microsite

Show off your partnership programs and acquire new partners from a microsite that feels and acts like an extension of your company’s main site.

  • Wiki & CMS
  • Landing pages for your programs
  • Calls to action
  • Applications for interested partners

Developer Portal

Give ISVs and developers a way to apply. Once approved, invite them into your developer portal to see API docs and other resources, submit app proposals, submit tech reviews and demo instances.

  • Developer onboarding checklist & action items
  • Landing page builder for welcome section & program overview
  • Customizable forms for app proposals and submissions

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