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An out-of-the-box solution to get your app marketplace up and running in weeks. No developers, no code, and no waiting.

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App Marketplace Platform for B2B SaaS leaders

Launch your app marketplace without staffing up

Launch and scale your marketplace of apps, integrations, and partners — online and embedded in your application.

I cannot imagine building from scratch and launching a fully functioning, highly customized app marketplace in less than 3 months with any other platform.

Andrew Chi — VP of Partnerships

Drag-and-drop app marketplace configuration

We provide the infrastructure. You can easily customize your app marketplace's design and UX.

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DEVELOPER portal & PARTNER listings

Invite partners to create and list apps & integrations

Enable your tech partners with APIs to build apps and integrations, create marketplace listings, and submit for approval without back-and-forth communications.

REach prospects & customers where they live

An app marketplace on your site and SaaS app

Capture and convert prospects with your public marketplace on your website. Users can discover and install apps, integrations, and partners in your product.

Drive measurable results

Capture leads, drive installs, & grow your ecosystem

Marketplace is the #1 way to get the return on your investment of building apps, integrations, and partnerships.


The Platform

An app marketplace platform built for SaaS platforms. See the benefits of content-rich and action-oriented listings, a fully branded experience, and analytics to track your program's success.

Website Marketplace

Promote partners and convert leads on your public site.

In-App Marketplace

Promote apps & integrations to logged-in customers.

Self-Serve Dev Portal

Developers & partners log in, create apps & listings, and submit for approval.

Fully Branded

Built on our platform. Looks like you.

No Code Setup

100% drag-and-drop templates, listings, and automations.


Connects with your CRM, PRM, analytics, schedulers, and more.

Convert Leads

Actionable CTAs that drive leads to you and your partners.

Track Your Data

Analytics that show key value driven from your partner marketplace.

Let Customers Install Apps/Integrations

Direct customers to your integrations install flow.

If you do it in-house, it'll take a year

Don’t distract your dev team from building your core product. Get a full-featured marketplace with admin management, tracking, and a partner portal in weeks, not quarters.

Don't believe it'll take a year?

How it works

1. App marketplace setup

You'll get full configuration and self-serve access to skin your app marketplace (or we can do it for you)

2. Get partners involved

Invite developers & partners to create and submit listing content in your configured

3. Make a splash

Launch your app marketplace. Get your customers & prospects excited about your upgraded ecosystem.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say.

I felt completely taken care of and supported, which was critical for a project so strategic and impactful.

Katy Spalding

Partner Fleet's technology is the best in the space and, I would argue, by a pretty wide margin.

Adam Michalski

The flexibility of the platform to meet our brand and design aesthetic was impressive.

Salvatore Salpietro

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Integrated with your CRM, and everything else

See how Partner Fleet's network of integrated and complementary solutions can help your ecosystem flourish.

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