How Mindbody Uses Partner Fleet to Improve Customer and Partner Experience

January 19, 2024
How Mindbody Uses Partner Fleet to Improve Customer and Partner Experience

In 2023, Mindbody, the leading experience technology platform for the wellness industry, was looking to make a change for their partner integrations site when they decided to switch over to Partner Fleet.  

Looking for platform ease-of-use, reduced cost, and great marketplace UX, Partner Fleet was the perfect choice – and once deciding to switch, they were able to migrate their partner integrations site in just a few months. 

The Mindbody Integrations site saw a 30% uptick in page views and 331% increase in interactions in first month! It’s clearly a valuable resource for their customers. 

Read on to learn about Mindbody and why they enjoy using Partner Fleet for their integrations site. 

What is Mindbody? 

Mindbody is a technology platform for the wellness industry, providing business management software and online wellness services. Gyms, yoga studios, health services, and many other wellness companies use Mindbody’s software to manage their businesses and enable class and appointment scheduling. 

Integrations can be crucial to the businesses who use Mindbody. According to their website, “customers who use integrations can earn 10% more revenue, see 40% more bookings, and have ~35% more client purchases.” 

That’s huge, as many of these businesses are small, and a 10% revenue increase could make the difference in the success of their business. 

So, naturally, Mindbody makes finding and using these integrations convenient for their customers – with Mindbody Integrations, their partner ecosystem. 

How does Mindbody Integrations work? 

Mindbody has an entire ecosystem of independent developers who build integrations that work with their platform. These developers create custom-built solutions and out-of-the-box integrations for their customers. 

Mindbody’s partner integrations site showcases the second type: out-of-the-box integrations. Customers can search for the solution they need and take the next step to set up these integrations in their account. 

And the partner integrations site itself is crucial to driving integration usage without drowning Mindbody’s customer support teams in work.  

“With 100+ integration partners, it would be unmanageable for our support teams to educate every customer about their integration options. The partner integrations site solves that.” 

Mindbody also uses their partner integrations site as a sales and support enablement tool. 

“Our team can use the partner integrations site to speak intelligently about integration options.” 

As Mindbody continued to grow their integration partners site, they were looking for an upgraded out-of-the-box partner able to scale and make changes themselves. 

They found Partner Fleet, and the decision to use the platform was easy 

With a lean partnerships team and ~100 integrations to showcase, Mindbody was excited about the features that Partner Fleet offered:  

  • Partner Fleet is out-of-the-box: Most necessary adjustments to their partner integrations site could be done by their partner team, without requiring support tickets. 
  • The experience for their partners is simple and intuitive with Partner Fleet. They felt comfortable inviting partners into the platform immediately. 
  • Partner Fleet came in at a lower cost compared to similar solutions
  • Since Partner Fleet is a small company focused on every customer, Mindbody would see fast turnaround times for the few occasions they would need support. 
  • Mindbody appreciated the Partner Fleet founders’ experience in and passion for building partner ecosystems

The out-of-the-box nature of Partner Fleet compared to the custom nature of other platforms was the clincher. They could work as a lean team and make updates immediately. Partner Fleet was going to save them time and money. 

They migrated in weeks, and were live in a couple of months. 

Making the switch was fast and easy. Partner Fleet pulled their existing data and listings and spun up an initial partner integrations site in about a week. 

Mindbody then worked on the customizations they needed. For example, they wanted to pull over all of their reviews from the previous platform. And they had additional design and functionality custom requests. 

Partner Fleet’s team worked happily to make it happen. 

Check out their new Mindbody Integrations site.

What Mindbody’s team loves about Partner Fleet’s marketplace platform 

After a couple of months using Partner Fleet, we asked their team what they like about the new tool. Here’s what they said: 

Partner Fleet is mostly out-of-the-box 

Mindbody’s partnerships team can create templates, adjust taxonomies, edit and automate the partner portal, create forms, and manage reviews independently – with Partner Fleet’s out-of-the-box platform.  

This level of control was available as soon as they created an account – no fancy customization, no waiting to get started. 

The Partner Portal is easy for Mindbody tech partners (developers) to use 

Partner Fleet offers a partner portal where Mindbody’s partners can sign in, create their integrations listings, and submit them for approval. 

The feedback from the developers who build Mindbody integrations is very positive – they say the partner portal is intuitive and easy to navigate, and they didn’t have access to a partner portal with the previous platform. 

We feel like Partner Fleet cares about us 

With a small company, attention to each customer matters – and Mindbody’s team could tell. Partner Fleet responds to questions and requests in minutes and makes changes in days.  

Customers can leave integration reviews without signing in 

Reviews are an important part of Mindbody’s partner ecosystem. And it’s easier to get reviews when you don’t ask reviewers to sign in or create an account.  

So they’re pleased with the easy way reviews can be collected on Partner Fleet. Fill out a form, add your review, and you’re done.  

Our new marketplace has a more modern UX 

The design of the new Mindbody partner integrations site is more modern. Take a look! 

Technical support is provided on our plan 

At Partner Fleet, you don’t have to be on an enormous, expensive plan to get technical support. Many services are offered on the plan Mindbody uses or at an as-necessary additional cost. 

Implementation doesn’t require an internal developer 

Partner Fleet offers any and all customization for the Mindbody team, without them needing a developer on their side. 

Our requests are addressed and resolved quickly 

The Partner Fleet team is ready to quickly make requested updates during the implementation process – and after.  

Are you a B2B SaaS company? Make the switch to Partner Fleet. 

If your marketplace is built on a legacy, more expensive platform – get a demo of Partner Fleet to see if we may be right for you. We’ll walk you through our capabilities and discuss pricing. You could be on Partner Fleet’s marketplace platform as soon as next quarter! 

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