Drive Partner Adoption and Trust with Reviews on Your Marketplace

September 19, 2023
Drive Partner Adoption and Trust with Reviews on Your Marketplace

Harness the power of social proof: Use partner reviews in your marketplace.

Reviews are important in any revenue-driving campaign. Yes, even your integrations & partner marketplaces. 

Why? Well buyers care about your integrations (they’re the #3 most important deciding factor for B2B SaaS buyers). And it’s common for anyone to be looking for feedback during a purchase decision.

We all know reviews about our product are important. But integration and partnership reviews can be a crucial factor in capturing and converting leads – although they’re often overlooked.

After all, we know that just having an integration is only the first step. Your integrations need to be useful for your customers, a fact that they’ll believe more when it’s backed up by other users.

Good news! Partner Fleet’s review feature makes it easy for you to capture and show reviews on your marketplace. Read on to learn why and how to use it.

Why integration reviews are important: 8 key statistics

Research shows that integrations are a key consideration in purchasing B2B software.

Your prospects are largely doing their research online, before booking a demo with your sales team:

  • 89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process. – Google Consumer Insights
  • 55% of buyers said they now rely more on content to research and make purchasing decisions. – DemandGen Report
  • 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. – Podium

Prospects aren’t just looking to make sure you have an integration with their tool, they want to know that it works well and will actually be useful to their team. Reviews are the way they can confirm that:

  • 92% of SaaS buyers want to read a review before making a purchase. – G2 Crowd
  • Over 70% of SaaS customers say that reviews, testimonials, and online feedback significantly impact their buying decisions. – G2 Crowd

So you need to have the right integrations, list and promote them on your marketplace, and include reviews to have the biggest impact on partner-driven conversions and revenue overall.

Syndicate or capture new reviews?

The social proof power of reviews on your marketplace is undeniable, but starting your own reviews engine can take a lot of bandwidth. That’s why Partner Fleet offers G2 review syndication. With our G2 integration, you can pull thousands of reviews already listed on G2 into your marketplace.

Here’s an example of syndicated reviews on Salesloft’s marketplace:

But when would you want to syndicate reviews versus capturing your own?

  1. Syndicate if you want thousands of reviews in your marketplace in one shot. A large volume of reviews generates more trust in your marketplace, and can be more visually compelling. It would take years – or even decades – to generate as many reviews as you can get in one shot by syndicating G2’s data.
  2. Syndicate if you want the reviews to focus on the partner solution alone, rather than the integrations. G2 reviews are all about your partner’s company, and that’s what will appear on your marketplace. These reviews will help your customers choose the right solution and you’ll send more leads to your partners.
  3. Oftentimes reviews in G2 will have higher ratings than users may rate your integrations. Want a higher star rating across the board? Syndicate.

Reach out to our support team to learn more about syndicating G2 reviews on your marketplace.

How to add reviews to your Partner Fleet marketplace

Ready to add reviews to your marketplace? It’s pretty easy to get started.

Add the reviews module to your partner template(s)

Head to Partner Listings -> Templates -> Choose your template to edit.

Click “Reviews” and drag and drop one of the two review module options into your template:

Scroll to the bottom and click “Save.” And you’re done. There will now be a reviews module on all your partner listings in that template!

Get partner reviews

Adding the reviews module to your listings isn’t valuable unless you have partner reviews. We have some recommendations on how to get them.

  1. Gather any reviews written in other locations and have the Partner Fleet team add them in bulk to your listings. Simply reach out to us – we can scrape partner reviews for you and/or add them in bulk to your new marketplace.
  2. Run a partner reviews campaign. Identify customers currently using your integrations and partnerships and do some outreach to ask them for reviews. It’s common to offer a small incentive for these, like a gift card or swag. This is a great opportunity to identify promoters and unearth opportunities to improve partnerships, too!
  3. Want to pull data from G2 instead? Reach out to us about adding a G2 integration to your Partner Fleet account.

Approve reviews to go live

Once your customers start submitting reviews on your listings, you’ll need to go through and approve reviews before they go live on your marketplace. 

Here’s how:

1. Head to Partner Listings -> Reviews.

2. Click the green checkmark to approve listings to go live or the trash can icon to delete them. Edit to review the content.

Additional settings

Under Partner Listings -> Reviews, you also have the following options:

  • Show star rating filter on your marketplace’s main page
  • Display stars on cards and listings
  • Allow reviews to be published without prior approval
  • Allow users to upload a headshot. This has worked well for Scout to add authenticity to their reviews.

Check out MindBody’s partner marketplace to see how great the star ratings look as filters and on cards:

That’s it! Get started requesting reviews now.

New! Create a custom review form

Our basic review form has fields for a name, title, star rating, and review. But if you’d like a more detailed review with separate fields requesting different information or conditional logic, you can request our new custom review form feature.

Once the custom review form feature is enabled, you can get yours set up. Here’s how:

1. Head to Partner Portal -> Form Builder and click to create a new form.

2. Under “Form type” choose Review Form.

3. Set up your form. You can configure your form with:

  • Required questions
  • Create sections (which will show on separate pages)
  • Questions that are dependent on others (conditional logic)
  • Questions hidden from the public (like an email address or personal information)
  • A notification email address plus the questions you want included in notifications

4. Once you have your form how you like it, save it and head to the template you want to use it with. Partner Listings -> Templates -> Edit the template.

5. Under Configuration -> Review Form, choose the name of your newly created review form. Click save.

That’s it! You’re ready to start collecting reviews for your integrations and partnerships. 

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