Boost Integration Adoption with Interactive Demos on Your Marketplace

July 11, 2023
Boost Integration Adoption with Interactive Demos on Your Marketplace

Partner Fleet has now added interactive demos to their integrations and partner marketplace templates. Let your prospects and customers click through to see how your integrations work.

Promoting your integrations to the right person in the right way at the right time is difficult. Especially since your prospects and customers all have different goals, jobs, and personalities.

Most SaaS sales teams encounter multiple stakeholders in the sales process. And dev, marketing, and ops team members may not want or need to go through an entire live demo just to learn how a particular integration works.

They just want to check how the integration works and give a 👍 or 👎 (or know what questions to ask).

When you build an integrations marketplace with Partner Fleet, you can provide an online resource to explain how your integrations work. Your value-rich integration pages can include:

  • Written descriptions
  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Reviews
  • And now… Interactive Demos!

Enter Walnut, Tourial, and Storylane—three innovative platforms that have transformed the way businesses present their products and services. We've integrated these solutions into our platform to enable you to create interactive demos that breathe life into your marketplace listings

With Walnut, Tourial, or Storylane, you can now offer a more engaging, personalized, and interactive experience to your users, right from your partner directory.

Watch Walnut's interactive demo or try it yourself on the Partner Fleet ecosystem marketplace.

Partner Fleet's new integration allows you to add interactive demos to any of your integration or partner listings easily. 

This advancement of the ecosystem provides a hands-on way for customers and partners to understand the functionality of integrations, enhancing their overall experience and engagement.

Whether you're a partnership professional, a product leader for an integrations team, or a marketer crafting website copy about integrations, get ready to transform your partner directory into an interactive, engaging, and conversion-driving platform.

Set up your interactive demos in 3 steps

Implementing interactive demos into your integration or partner listings with Partner Fleet is a straightforward process.

  1. Add the interactive demo field: First, you add the interactive demo field to your partner template. This creates a space for the interactive demos to be displayed on your partner or integration listings.
  2. Partner sign-up: Next, you get your partners signed up to create interactive demos for their products. Walnut, Tourial, and Storylane offer easy-to-use platforms that can help your partners build engaging, personalized demos.
  3. Add demos to listings: Finally, you or your partners add the created Walnut, Tourial, or Storylane interactive demos to the respective listing pages. This allows your customers and partners to interact with the demos when they visit the listings.

Case study: Adam Pasch

Customers often need to understand integrations in their own time and on their own terms. As Adam Pasch, an influencer in the partner space, puts it, "No one can be an expert in all the nuances of integrations. No one." 

He built a unique use-case with existing HubSpot integrations between Postal and RollWorks, a division of NextRoll. However, the sales and customer success teams at Postal and Rollworks, who weren't Hubspot experts, faced challenges explaining the integration to their customers.

Pasch concluded that the process would have been 10x easier if an interactive demo on their partner directory was available.

Benefits of using interactive demos

Integrating Walnut and Tourial's interactive demos into your integration and partner listings through Partner Fleet offers a multitude of benefits that can drastically improve how you showcase your integrations and interact with your customers.

Enhanced engagement

Interactive demos allow your customers and partners to engage with your integrations on a deeper level. Unlike static screenshots or lengthy text descriptions, interactive demos offer a hands-on experience, allowing users to navigate through the integration and understand its functionality in real-time.

Increased rates of integration installation

The engaging nature of interactive demos contributes to higher rates of integration installation. When customers can understand and see the value of your integrations firsthand through interactive demos, they are more likely to install and use the integration.

Reduced customer service requests

Interactive demos provide a self-service learning opportunity for customers and partners. By allowing them to explore the integration on their own, you can significantly reduce the number of customer service requests related to understanding the integration's functionalities.

Better showcasing of your integrations

Interactive demos are an excellent way to show off your integrations. They allow you to effectively convey the functionality and benefits of your integrations, making them more appealing to your customers and partners.

Competitive advantage

In a crowded market, standing out is crucial. By offering interactive demos, you give your customers something your competitors may not - a chance to experience your product before deciding to commit. This can set you apart and give you a significant competitive edge.

Easy implementation

Adding interactive demos to your integration or partner listings is a breeze with Partner Fleet's integration with Walnut and Tourial. You simply add the interactive demo field to your partner template and get your partners to create and add the demos to their product listings.

By offering a more engaging and enriching experience to your customers and partners, these interactive demos can significantly boost your business's success. They offer a powerful solution to the challenges often faced by partnership professionals, product leaders for integrations teams, and marketers writing about integrations, making them an invaluable addition to your integration and partner listings​.


Start adding interactive demos to your Partner Fleet listings today! All you need is a Walnut, Tourial, or Storylane account and a Partner Fleet marketplace.

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