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Our Story

Cody and I landed in partnerships through different journeys - Kenny from chapters in customer success, engineering, and product, and Cody from sales and sales leadership. Ultimately, we both fell in love with the idea that partnerships is the rising tide that raises all boats.

Partner Fleet’s goal is to provide the tools Partnership Teams need to build their fleet and get on the rising tide.

Partner Fleet Leadership

Kenny Browne
Founder and CEO

Kenny started in technical services at BigMachines before its sale to Oracle in 2013. He then joined G2.com as the 10th employee, where he built G2’s API framework and integration partnerships. At Daxko, Kenny built and managed the Technology Partner Program. After running into the same pain points at multiple companies, Kenny started Partner Fleet to solve them once and for all.

Cody Sunkel
Co-Founder & VP of Growth

Cody was the Sales Director at Zen Planner, which sold successfully to Daxko in 2017. At Daxko, Cody built the referral partner program and launched partnerships with the industry’s biggest brands, including CrossFit, Yoga Alliance, and KidStrong. Eventually, Cody took responsibility over all partnership programs across Daxko’s 10 brands. In 2021, Daxko sold successfully to private equity.

Our Investors & Advisors

Godard Abel
Investor & Advisor

Godard cofounded BigMachines in 2000 to kickoff his long entrepreneurial career. After BigMachines, Godard founded G2 (a website for technology buyers) which recently raised a $157MM series D on a $1.1B valuation. In 2015 Godard sold Steelbrick to Salesforce approximately two years after acquiring the business and rapidly expanding its sales.

Joachim Klein
Investor & Advisor

Joachim Klein, COO, leads Threekit’s Product, Implementation, and Customers Success teams. Prior to Threekit, Joachim has worked in the Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) for Salesforce as Head of Product Management, for SteelBrick as COO, and for BigMachines (acquired by Oracle) as General Manager EMEA. Joachim has an MSc from TU Berlin and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Matt Gorniak
Investor & Advisor

Matt is currently CEO of ThreeKit. Prior to ThreeKit, he cofounded G2.com where he was Chief Revenue Officer. Before G2, Matt was Chief Revenue Officer at Steelbrick and successfully led its sales to Salesforce. Prior to that, Matt was SVP of Sales at BigMachines scaling annual revenue nearly 10 fold during his tenure.

Brittany Wroblewski
Investor & Advisor

Brittany is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at G2. She has worked partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world including AWS, Salesforce, and Microsoft.

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